Choices for Hunter Douglas Blinds

Blinds are a fantastic option for any homeowner when it comes to window treatments: versatile, easy to clean, beautiful, and simple to style with, there is a reason that for many, blinds are the quintessential window treatment. But, even with this, there are still a number of choices that must be made when deciding which Hunter Douglas blinds are going to be right for you and your family. If you want to know more about what those choices are, the professionals at the Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida are here to tell you.

Horizontal Blinds

Perhaps the simplest, most elegant window treatment available, there is a reason these amazing window treatments were in many of the homes we grew up in. Horizontal blinds are comprised of slats that are oriented in a horizontal fashion, and then controlled by a series of cords to adjust the angle of the slats or raise the window treatment completely for a fully unobstructed window. Horizontal blinds from Hunter Douglas are made out of harder materials, such as wood, alternative wood, and aluminum, making them great for anyone who needs their window treatments to be durable.

Vertical Blinds

While horizontal blinds work for just about any window imaginable, there are a few particular perks for vertical blinds. In particular, vertical blinds work fantastically on very large windows and on sliding glass doors because of their ability to be pushed completely to the side. Regardless of that, however, vertical blinds are also a beautiful window treatment in their own right. As opposed to horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are available in softer materials, such as vinyl and fabric, which will give any space a softer, romantic touch that you would not be likely to get with horizontal blinds. If this sounds truer to your taste, then vertical blinds may be perfect for you.

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