Man Cave Must Haves

Calling all men, Calling all men. Father day is around the corner and what better than a man cave update?

Sure you have all of your favorite sports memorabilia, a light up liquor sign from your crazy college days, and a rocking flat screen. But does your man cave stand above the rest? 

Wallpaper. Say what? There are some incredible wallpapers that have such masculinity and can really set the tone for a really great space! 

Fabric. A leather sofa in a color that goes with your sports memorabilia. A Detroit navy or Eagles green. Add some awesome baseball stitching, some automated seats that recline and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind. 

Artwork. There are some incredible vintage pieces out there to give your space a whisky barrel touch. And now that I mention whiskey barrel, how about a personalized barrel for a top of the line touch! 

All in all, there are so many incredible textures out there. Don't just let the TV take the spotlight, have them toasting that amazing poker table made from 15 species of exotic woods. 


The Benefits of Hunter Douglas Blinds

Blinds from Hunter Douglas are a great choice for virtually any home. They are stylish, functional and come in a wide range of colors, style options and materials. Read on to learn why Hunter Douglas blinds are right for your home. 


Hunter Douglas blinds allow you a great deal of privacy inside your home by allowing you to adjust blinds to your liking. They also provide total privacy inside your home when the blinds are closed. Most Hunter Douglas blinds are available with PowerView® Motorization, which allows you to open, close or schedule your window treatments to move according to your desired schedule, simply by using the remote control or your smart phone. This provides privacy as well as deterring thieves by simulating that someone is home, even when your house is empty. 

Light Control

Arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a window treatment is light control. With Hunter Douglas blinds, you can decide how much light you want to let in and adjust the blinds accordingly. 

Long Life and Low Maintenance

All blinds from Hunter Douglas are easy to care for. With specialized finishes designed to make cleanup a snap, most blinds simply require being wiped down with a clean cloth to remove dust. Collections such as EverWood® Distinctions™ and Renditions™ are Hunter Douglas’ best sellers in the faux wood category, and are guaranteed to never yellow, warp or chip, making them ideal in high traffic areas. 

Wide Selection of Style and Materials

Hunter Douglas offers both vertical and horizontal blinds designed to suit any window, door or style. Horizontal blinds are available in natural hardwoods, faux woods and aluminum, in over 70 shades and designs. Vertical blinds come in drapery like fabric as well as vinyl and aluminum. Chances are you’ll be able to find the perfect blinds for any room. 

Energy Efficiency

The windows and doors in your home represent most homeowners’ greatest challenge to energy efficiency, accounting for as much as 50% of the energy loss in your home.  Even high end insulating glass designs sacrifice some energy efficiency for a clear view outside. Well-designed window treatments like Hunter Douglas blinds and cellular shades can make even modest single-pane glass windows outperform more expensive windows with modern energy efficient upgrades.


Hunter Douglas products are designed with safety and convenience in mind. Their blinds are available in a wide range of options for lifting and operating systems, including cordless, retractable cord and motorized options for enhanced child and pet safety.

For expert guidance in choosing the right Hunter Douglas blinds for your home, contact the professionals at The Divine Interiors Group. We are a full service interior design firm located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Proudly serving Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding area for more than 16 years, we can accommodate any style. With our extensive knowledge of the industry our experienced team will not only deliver stunning results, we’ll do it in a timely and efficient manner. Stop by our showroom or call us today, we look forward to working with you on your next home improvement project.

Choices for Hunter Douglas Blinds

Blinds are a fantastic option for any homeowner when it comes to window treatments: versatile, easy to clean, beautiful, and simple to style with, there is a reason that for many, blinds are the quintessential window treatment. But, even with this, there are still a number of choices that must be made when deciding which Hunter Douglas blinds are going to be right for you and your family. If you want to know more about what those choices are, the professionals at the Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida are here to tell you.

Horizontal Blinds

Perhaps the simplest, most elegant window treatment available, there is a reason these amazing window treatments were in many of the homes we grew up in. Horizontal blinds are comprised of slats that are oriented in a horizontal fashion, and then controlled by a series of cords to adjust the angle of the slats or raise the window treatment completely for a fully unobstructed window. Horizontal blinds from Hunter Douglas are made out of harder materials, such as wood, alternative wood, and aluminum, making them great for anyone who needs their window treatments to be durable.

Vertical Blinds

While horizontal blinds work for just about any window imaginable, there are a few particular perks for vertical blinds. In particular, vertical blinds work fantastically on very large windows and on sliding glass doors because of their ability to be pushed completely to the side. Regardless of that, however, vertical blinds are also a beautiful window treatment in their own right. As opposed to horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are available in softer materials, such as vinyl and fabric, which will give any space a softer, romantic touch that you would not be likely to get with horizontal blinds. If this sounds truer to your taste, then vertical blinds may be perfect for you.

Have we helped you pick out the perfect Hunter Douglas blinds for your home? If we have, stop by the showroom for Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida today. We also proudly serve the surrounding area. Stop by today to see our other beautiful Hunter Douglas window treatments, as well as our many other fantastic home décor and renovation services.

Operating Systems for Motorized Blinds & Shades

Operating motorized window treatments can seem daunting at first. After all, window treatments were something that seemed like they were going to stay firmly in the realm of analog until innovators like Hunter Douglas came along and decided to bring them fully into the 21st century. But just because they’re so innovative doesn’t mean that they’re difficult to use. Let the window treatment experts at the Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida explain.

The Pebble Remote Control

We use remote controls for a lot in our lives—our televisions, our ceiling fans, our lights, even our fireplaces, and Hunter Douglas understands the innate appeal of these devices, which is why they have developed their own alternative to control their window treatments: the Pebble Remote Control. The Pebble has all of the functionality of a traditional remote control, but with an updated design to match your new, futuristic window treatments. The Pebble’s design is sleek and comfortable to hold, and is available in a wide variety of trendy colors to match any décor.

The Pebble Scene Controller

If you love the ease of a traditional remote control but wish that it could do more, the Pebble Scene Controller is perfect for you. With the same design as the Pebble, the Pebble Scene Controller is still comfortable to hold and easy to use, but also possesses a wide array of exciting features. The Pebble Scene Controller allows you to program specific groupings of your window treatments, known as “Scenes,” which you can then cycle through as desired to achieve the perfect lighting in your home at any time.

The PowerView® App

Whether you aren’t a fan of remote controls, or don’t like how difficult they are to keep up with, Hunter Douglas has developed a solution: the PowerView® app. Simply download this free application onto your phone and have complete access to all of the features of both the Pebble Remote Control and the Pebble Scene Controller from anywhere in the world that has a Wi-Fi connection.

Do you feel ready to control your Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments? If you do, visit the showroom for the Divine Interiors Group in Lakewood Ranch, Florida today to get a set installed in your home. We also proudly serve the surrounding area.